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Sewer Pipe Replacements Cork with K&K Construction

Sewer Pipe Replacements Cork with K&K Construction Tel:087-2450967.K&K Construction Cork can assist you with your sewer pipe replacements so it is fit for purpose and fully operational. K&K Construction can replace your existing sewer pipe system to protect ground and surface water quality from the risks posed by malfunctioning systems. Depending on your requirements we can provide a solution to:

    • Ensure that the system cannot pollute the environment by discharging or leaking waste anywhere it is not supposed to, that is, into the ground or any water source.
    • Ensure that roof water or surface water run-off cannot enter a domestic waste water treatment system.

If you are required to improve the maintenance of your system or to upgrade or remediate it we are here to help. K&K Construction can conduct preparatory works for all sewer pipe replacements regardless of condition. This can include preparatory works for domestic waste water treatment systems, such as septic tanks.

    • Site Clearance – Clearance of topsoil, subsoil, scrub etc. Soil can be stockpiled onsite or transported offsite in compliance with local authorities and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) recommendations.
    • Site Laser Leveled – Preparatory works for Wastewater Treatment Systems and percolation area.
    • Polishing Filters – Typically a series of trenches or excavated area in which filter media is placed to further reduce bacterial and nutrient contamination from a wastewater treatment unit. Depending on site constraints, sand polishing filters can also be constructed.

Sewer Pipe Replacements Cork with K&K Construction Tel:087-2450967

With Sewer Pipe Replacements Cork you not only improve the efficiency of your septic tanks and domestic wastewater treatment system, you increase the value of your property. K&K Construction can work with your engineer or can recommend an engineer to oversee the project. K&K Construction offer highly competitive prices and provide a detailed quotation before commencement of any project.

K&K Construction Sewer Pipe Replacements Cork offer a large range of services which include but not limited to the following:

    • Storm and foul water drains.
    • Testing (where required) to local government specification.
    • Construct Manholes
    • Patios & Paving
    • Yards
    • Kerb Laying
    • Retaining Walls – Concrete boundary walls and retaining walls with associated foundations.
    • Footpaths – K&K Construction provide concrete footpaths for both domestic and commercial clients.

K&K Construction Sewer Pipe Replacements Cork ReputationSewer Pipe Replacements Cork with K&K Construction Tel:087-2450967

K&K Construction Sewer Pipe Replacements Cork fabulous reputation is as a result of providing high quality professional finishes within the client’s budget. By using the services offered by K&K Construction Sewer Pipe Replacements Cork, clients have enjoyed the experience of seeing their homes and business being transformed and maintained at a reasonable cost, whilst adding value to their property. K&K Construction take pride on developing lasting relationships with their clients. They often find new clients have been recommended by previous clients in addition to existing clients requiring more projects to be undertaken.

Although K&K Construction Sewer Pipe Replacements Cork is completely independent, they regularly liaise with other professionals, insurance assessors, engineers and other trades. They can recommend other reputable local independent professional if required. K&K Construction are happy to manage any project, ensuring a project requiring multi-trade input runs smoothly.

K&K Construction Sewer Pipe Replacements Cork Guarantee

Sewer Pipe Replacements Cork with K&K Construction Tel:087-2450967K&K Construction Sewer Pipe Replacements Cork is totally committed to ensuring the very best service and consults clients at every stage of the process. Their aim is to give every client 100% satisfaction and a finished project that clients can cherish for many years to come. They offer a friendly, honest, reliable, trustworthy, first class service.

Contact K&K Construction Sewer Pipe Replacements Cork today to answer any questions and to provide you with a free consultation regarding the construction services and maintenance solutions you have in mind.

Tel:   021-4546169
Mob Tel:   087-2450967

Find out the many different ways that K&K Construction Sewer Pipe Replacements Cork can help you solve your construction and maintenance problems.

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