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K&K Construction are a family run business, servicing Cork City and Cork County, Ireland since 1988. They provide a comprehensive range of construction services and maintenance solutions for both domestic and commercial clients. K&K Construction Services Cork has established a professional reputation for providing high quality services within the client’s budget. By using the services offered by K&K Construction, clients have enjoyed the experience of seeing their projects completed at a reasonable cost, whilst adding value to their property. They are the obvious experts and trusted authority for subsidence repairs cork,  sewer pipe replacements Cork, septic tank pipe replacements Cork, Driveway Replacements Cork, Groundworks Cork, building maintenance Cork and home repairs Cork. Contact K&K Construction Services Cork today to answer any questions and to provide you with a free consultation regarding the construction services and maintenance solutions you have in mind. K&K Construction Cork, Ireland. Tel: 087-2450967

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